Do you cooperate with shop ...?
On our site you can see the whole list of the shops we cooperate with. You can also enter the name of any shop into the "search" field to find it on our site. If you can not find a store in our online service, you can inform our support team about it- we will try to cooperate with this store as soon as possible.
Can I get a refund for previous orders (before registration)?
If the order is performed via the transition from our website, you can place your request on the page "Where is my cashback?" Write your order number - if the order is performed through cashcubator.com and all the rules are met, we will find it in our database and you will receive cashback for all the necessary order(s). But if the purchase was not made through cashcubator.com, than we will not be able to send you the requested cashback.
Why extension will not be activated on the store page?
In this case, it may be 2 reasons: 1. Some shops forbid the use of our expansion at the site. For Cash Back you have to make a direct transition from our site to the store site. For a list of these stores, you can here. 2. You set some extension, blocking the correct operation of our service. More detailed information can be found here or contact our customer support.
Why my order still has "Pending"status, if I paid for it?
As soon as store will confirm the order payment, your order goes under the status "Confirmed". Average time of enrollment for each store varies and is indicated on the page with the store description. This is the time for store to be sure that you will not request refund or cancellation of your order. Unfortunately, it depends only on shops.
May I place an order via your site, if I do not live in the USA
Sure. If the stores that you want to make purchases in, carry out the delivery to your country, you can make an order through Cashcubator.com service and receive cashback. With the withdrawal methods,that are applied to your country, can be found in the section "Withdrawal" in your personal account. You can always contact our support team and we will provide you with all the additional information.
Today I have made an order. When will the cashback?
After placing an order, it should appear in your personal account at CashCubator during the day (in rare cases - up to two weeks) with the status of "Pending". When the store will confirm the order, cashback will be credited to your balance. Average cashback waiting time depends on each store and you can see it in the description of each store. In most cases the average waiting time is 3-4 weeks.
Is it possibly to receive cash back for the delievery?
Unfortunately no. Most stores provide cashback only for the value of goods, excluding shipping.
How much money I will receive back on purchases?
Cash Back amount depends on the conditions of a particular store. It can be a percentage of the amount of the order or a fixed amount. You can find out the persentage or fixed cashback amount in a shop or product description.
Will I receive cashback, if I will buy only a part of the placed order
Sure! In this case cashback will be credited to your balance. Cash Back amount will be recalculated, because it depends only on the amount of the order you made.
Why is my order status "Rejected"?
It means that you have not confirmed the order. If the order is cancelled by mistake, please turn to support.
Can all the discounts, Promo-codes and Fly-status be summed?
All the discounts that, are available, are placed into the store page at Cashcubator.com
Why all this shopping?
You know that the value of any goods pawned price advertising, website promotion, attracting customers, etc. Thanks to our service shops to pay for the same result (of their product purchase), but not advertising agencies but directly to you. That is why the cashback is beneficial for all but the advertising agencies!
Reasons for cashback on request can not be charged:
- While making an order, you might have entered a promotional code that is not listed on our website (cash back cannot be performed); - You have installed any kind of Adblocker; - In case when you have choosen another bonus program during the order placement; - You went to the store with our service Cashcubator.com, but issued an order on the phone; - Sometimes cashback can not be enrolled when you added items to the shopping cart and only than went to the store link CashCubator for placing your order; - During checkout you have used other sites that contain advertising banners. Better use any other browser, which is only work with a page of our cashback service, or close other sites to avoid overwriting and cookies. Please follow these recomendations- this is not difficult and you will avoid misunderstandings.
How can I use a cashback?
The cashback cannot be returned to you in form of bonuses or money. Therefore, you can use them in any convenient way for you: Recharge your mobile phone bill Through PayPal On the bank card (Visa, MasterCard) The only limitation - it's the size of cashback. At a time you can be derived from $100 to $1000. But if you have accumulated more, the following output will be available immediately after the previous money will be transfered.