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FUN (Definition): is the use of time for the therapeutic refreshment of the planned type of one's own body or mind. The leisure time is rather an entertainment or relax. Time consumption implies an active participation in a refreshing and joyful way. At Mister's costume we know the theory but that what we really want is to show our fun ideas ... Every morning, when we start work is the main point of our young and professional team who share joy with our customers. We like to put ourselves in the skin of our customers, so that they can make the right choice and make their festivals UNFORGETTABLE. In our DNA, there is fun, professionalism and customer service. We work with a smile to spread joy. This smile provides us with creative ideas to help you enjoy carnival, mid-age, hawaii parties or theme weddings, or just for an entertaining evening. In Mister's costume, we have learned a lesson from our parents, "treat each one as you would like you to be treated" and that has become a slogan of our company. We work every day to make our customers feel special.
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